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Fall Promo

Fall Promo

by Bluewater Staff. August 2, 2017

Winter Preparation Sale

Buy any 4 tires from us and you will receive :

  • Free Mount and Balance
  • ½ off alignment.

The Details:

Get in touch with us, and we will order your next set of tires. We will mount and balance your tires for free and align your car for half price (only $50.00!)

Your Saving = $110.00

  • We will cover the cost for mount and balance: $60.00 value.
  • ½ off your alignment will save you another $50.00.

Our standard alignments are $100.00, performance alignments for cars with adjustable hardware are only $150.00, which is still very reasonable!

Get in touch:

  • Phone: 303.800.7193
  • Email:
  • FB Message: @BWPerformance
  • Message us direct from the new website:

Why you should care

Don’t you hate it when you blow your whole budget for tires, on just the tires? When you are shopping for tires, all you are thinking about is how much money you have to spend on the tires. You never remember to budget money for installation, nor an alignment, which you may desperately need.

The fact remains that you should get your car aligned once a year (yeah, and you should also floss 2x/day). Regardless of how often you get your car aligned, the one time you really should get your car aligned is when you install new tires. Our deal: free mount and balance, and a $50 alignment. We’re trying to help you out!

Do we really need to tell you why you need tires BEFORE winter gets here?

Winter is coming! Whatever you drive, wherever you drive, without a doubt, Colorado winters represent the biggest challenge for grip and adhesion. Sure, you may choose to light up your tires or slide thru a corner when driving on the street in dry weather, but in those instances, you have chosen to push the car to its limits. When the roads are icy and snowy, you don’t get that choice!


Sure, winter tires are awesome, we all know why. If you can afford snow tires, you should have them. But not everyone can afford two sets of tires. If you can only have one set of tires, think about getting the right all-season tire based on your needs. If you plan on driving up I-70 on a Powder Day, and you don’t have snow tires, or tires specifically designated for M+S (mud and snow), you can not only get into an accident-but you could also get a ticket! How much is your insurance deductible? How much are new tires? Installing new snow tires (or new all-season tires) before the snow flies will not only ensure you keep your vehicle out of the ditch, but you will also be having fun in the snow while others are white-knuckling it!

But don’t take our word for it!

Traction Law (Code 15) — “Use George’s Head to Check Your Tread “

If weather conditions require, CDOT will implement a Traction Law. • Under a Traction Law, motorists will need to have either snow tires, tires with the mud/snow (M+S) designation, or a four-wheel/all-wheel drive vehicle — all tires must have a minimum one-eighth inch tread.


Get in touch with us, and we can help you pick the right set of tires for your vehicle, your budget, and your driving needs.