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BMW Auto Mechanic

BMW Auto Mechanic Services from Specialists Who Are Also Car Enthusiasts

Looking for auto mechanics who can handle your BMW's maintenance, repairs, or upgrades so you don't have to find multiple BMW auto mechanics? We've got you covered with comprehensive services at Bluewater Performance. Call us at (303) 800-7193 if you're looking for something specific.

BMW Repair

Our BMW repair services focus on three things: expert repairs, strong warranties, and pricing you can trust. All of our technicians are certified, and we use OEM parts to make your BMW safe and ready for the road again. We're not here to dazzle you with a snazzy dealer experience and high price tags (and even higher upsells). We're here to make sure your car is giving you the reliable performance it should be. Our Certified Bosch Service Center offers routine repairs for all of your BMW's mechanical, electrical, and chemical systems. Something not working right? Bring it by.

BMW Maintenance

BMW engineers work hard to create high-performance, expertly crafted vehicles. The only way to keep them that way is with regular maintenance. Our team of German auto mechanics is here to make sure all of your systems are performing correctly. We'll check everything from your vehicle's fluids to your brakes and alignment to make sure the performance is on point. We can also take on the manufacturer's maintenance schedules so your original warranty stays valid — we see this as a sign of responsible vehicle ownership, not a chance to push a sale on you.

BMW Tuning

Are you in the middle of a custom build? Or do you want to customize your current BMW with the software you need for how and where you drive? When you get a BMW straight from a dealer, it's pretty close to excellent — but that might not be close enough for you. Make your car your own with Bluewater Performance's tuning services, including Burger Motorsports and Dinan Cars software.

BMW Performance

Like with tuning, we're here to take your "off the shelf" BMW and turn it into a custom ride. Our Denver, Colorado, shop is competitive, and our team is right in the middle of the high-performance European auto world. We specialize in performance hardware upgrades that can handle any conditions or driving demands. Our BMW performance services include turbo upgrades, software upgrades, and fuel system upgrades. We also specialize in custom fabrications, engine builds, suspension builds, and even complete custom builds. Our builds win awards.

Flexible Service

You're busy. We get it. That's why our shop is open 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. every weekday. Sometimes we're busy, too — which is why we're not open on the weekends. But you can arrange a weekend or after-hours drop-off so our BMW auto mechanic team can get started as soon as our doors open. We also have same-day service if you call (303) 800-7193.  We work hard to keep our service available so your car's ready for the road when you need it.

Talk to Fellow Car Enthusiasts

We aren't just a team of expert car mechanics during our day job. Every person on our team is a car enthusiast in and out of the shop — you'll probably bump into us throughout the European car world in Denver, Colorado. So every time you stop by, you can expect a detailed breakdown of every upgrade or repair you need. When you come by our shop, you don't have to wait silently in a lobby with bad daytime television.

Get Expert Service

That enthusiasm doesn't only make us experts in local events and trends. It translates into high-quality repairs, replacements, and adjustments. Our German and BMW auto mechanic specialists are certified and have years of experience with performance vehicles. It doesn't matter whether you're here for a routine brake repair or you're checking up on your custom build — you'll get expert service every time.

100% Customer Satisfaction

It can be hard to trust mechanics after you've been burned once. When our obvious enthusiasm isn't enough, you should also know that our repairs and parts are backed up by a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty and satisfaction guarantee . Part of the joy of driving around in a BMW is being able to trust that it will do precisely what you tell it to. So if your latest change doesn't feel right, call us up and let us know.

BMW Auto Mechanic

Denver, Colorado

Bluewater Performance isn't a regular car shop. We're a small team of avid car enthusiasts that love high-performance vehicles. It's not just professional integrity that makes us do expert work — it's personal. If your BMW needs routine maintenance or repairs, we're here to make sure your car gets the attention it needs. Also, we can help make sure regular tune-ups happen when your car needs them.

When you're looking for your next upgrade — or you're just starting your journey of performance upgrades — Bluewater Performance also has the specialty hardware and software upgrades you're looking for. Turn your high-performance vehicle into a custom-crafted machine that's the perfect fit for your next mountain drive or your ride around the track. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to start planning out your upgrades or custom build.

Our German Auto Specialists Specialize in BMW Service and Maintenance, Denver, Colorado

Choose a Denver, Colorado BMW Auto Mechanic You Can Trust

BMWs are precision driving machines. When you need repairs or upgrades, don't just check the specs on the parts. Choose the right BMW auto mechanics who know all the details about how to make your car safe, reliable, and fast. Bluewater Performance isn't just another car repair shop. We specialize in European and German autos because we all live and breathe cars. You can stop by for everything from emergency repairs and routine maintenance to software upgrades and Big Brake Kits. No matter what your vehicle needs to run right, we can make it happen. Contact us today.