We love speed. We love cars. We love tuning cars. We couldn’t love either of these things as much as we do without the benefit of performance automotive software. Without a shred of a doubt, the best value in the world of automotive performance is adding a Stage 1 tune to a factory turbocharged car. The power gains per dollar spent are quite simply outrageous, if you haven’t tuned your car, and you are reading this, what are you waiting for? For the rest of you who are looking for updating car tuning solutions, read on. We all know that for enthusiasts like you, Stage 1 is just the beginning. Check out our APR Audi, APR VW, Custom Software, and United Motorsport pages to see how we can up your speed.




No cost to install APR performance software. From Stage 1 daily drivers to beastly Stage 3+ set ups, APR offers some of the best software and hardware upgrades for Audi and VW owners.

United Motorsport

Aggressive and customizable off the shelf tunes for drivers who want a little more from their setup. With United Motorsport software, you can add features such as: No lift shift, launch control, and E85 tunes.

Motorsport Prep

Whether you run at PPIR, HPR, Bandimere, Pikes Peak or “in Mexico”, we don’t only support our own racecars, we can handle any need for you or your team.

Custom Tuning

If you have a unique hardware set up, or are looking to tune something outside of normal product offerings, we can take care of you. From supercharged Vipers, to Italian supercars, Benzes and domestics, all are welcome on our dyno.

Dyno Tuning

Our Dynocom FX5000 AWD dyno will accommodate FWD, RWD, or AWD vehicles.

Engine Tuning

From a new owner looking for a little more sound or a little more power, to a well-seasoned enthusiast looking to transform their vehicle- we have the products and the insight you need to make a great decision about your first, or your next upgrade.

How Tuning Works

Your engine is operated by a hard drive, same as your computer. We refer to your engines hard drive as an ECU. Every ECU requires an operating file or tune. Performance software tuning is the process of installing a new operating file calibrated specifically for your vehicle.

Why Tuning?

The fact is, if you have a car that came from the dealer equipped with a turbo or supercharger, and its stock, then your car is slower than it needs to be! We have stage 1 tunes designed for otherwise stock vehicles, that offer increased HP when you want it, without sacrificing reliability.


While many other tuners have come and gone, the APR performance brand has stood the test of time. Founded in 1997 (during the birth of Audi’s modern revolution) APR’s mission is to create the highest quality and most highly engineered performance products for your Audi tuning. Having been the exclusive APR Dealer in Denver since we opened our doors, we highly recommend APR products and software.

Today you are hard pressed to find a naturally aspirated performance-minded Audi on the streets of Denver. While some may mourn the loss of Audi’s naturally aspirated V8’s, the reality is that forced induction is better for the environment, as well as smiles per gallon. APR offers performance software with hardware upgrades to match, that will safely push your engine to its known limits. Stage 1 tunes are designed for Audi vehicles with no hardware upgrades. Adding 150% of engine power at less than 1.5% of its the vehicle’s cost is the kind of math that we love.

Those desiring additional power over and above Stage 1 levels, will need to add upgraded hardware to safely support increased power levels. Hardware requirements vary by engine type, so if you have questions about Audi tuning, we have answers-don’t be shy. Contact us today.

What we have come to appreciate in APR is that they have stood the test of time. Their product remains powerful, reliable, and as does their product support. APR continues to take care of us as the exclusive APR Audi Denver dealer and supporting our needs and the needs of our clients. We are guessing that you are still reading because you are just as passionate about Audi, as we are. Check out our Audi Maintenance and Audi Repair pages for more info on how to keep your Audi running smoothly.