From routine maintenance tasks like oil changes and tire rotations to tackling complex repairs, our skilled team is equipped to handle all your car care needs.



Fluid Maintenance

From engine oil, to power steering, coolant, brakes, and transmission services-we offer factory fluid service with OEM or better products.

Timing Belts

When was it last changed? Don’t know or have other questions? Hop on chat and let us help you.

Transmission Services

Clutches wear out, transmissions require fresh fluids and filters, and there are always opportunities to improve performance. Got questions? Let’s talk.

Spark Plugs

Replacing your spark plugs on time is easy. We are happy to ensure you don’t need a check engine light to remind you to change yours.


We offer in house alignments. We recommend having your alignments executed once a year to ensure maximum life of your tires.


We offer both factory style service or upgrades to your rotors, pads, lines, and fluids. We also have great options for BBK’s.

Manufacturer Maintenance Schedules

Audi, BMW, and VW insist that their vehicles meet a specific maintenance schedule. Our team is straightforward-without a pushy sales tactic.

Annual Inspection

Audi, BMW, and VW are all pushing for longer intervals on oil changes, which means you might not have a reason to get your vehicle in the shop. Performance vehicles should be inspected every year.

Navigating the world of auto repair shops and basic car maintenance facilities can be daunting. We’ve all searched for the best service, but finding top-quality help can still be hard. However, it’s possible to find reliable automotive care with careful research, recommendations, and a discerning eye for quality. Our specialists will help you ensure your vehicle’s longevity and performance.

At Bluewater Performance, we believe that each customer and their vehicle are distinctive. Each has its own character and specific needs. We avoid fit-all solutions, offering services customized to your car’s needs instead. Whether it’s time for a routine oil change or a more challenging repair, our team provides top-notch car maintenance service in Denver, CO, with the attention it deserves.


Just as you wouldn’t let your child wander around in a soiled diaper, it’s important not to let your car wallow in neglect. Ensuring your vehicle is well-maintained is crucial for both your peace of mind and the car’s longevity. Don’t overlook the significance of regular vehicle maintenance. Strive to keep your automotive companion in pristine condition.

Engaging in fundamental or basic car maintenance is not as daunting as it might seem. Having a checklist allows you to focus on what’s truly important. Understanding the potential costs associated with keeping your car in top shape.

Recognizing the hectic nature of your daily life, our experts simplify this process for you. We’ve crafted useful checklists designed for BMW, Audi, and VW owners. So, be sure that your vehicle remains in optimal condition.

Our team is eager to share exclusive European car maintenance checklists to preserve vehicle efficiency.


Navigating the realm of European car maintenance presents its unique challenges.

In contrast to the more direct American vehicles, European automobiles embody complexity. They demand specialized European automotive care to ensure their optimal performance and efficiency.

The maintenance and auto repair needs vary from one car to the next for precise car maintenance schedules. Specialists familiar with European cars can offer tailored maintenance schedules and early detection of potential issues. They ensure your vehicle remains in optimal condition. So, be ready to invest in proper care to preserve your car’s performance, value, and longevity.


Car maintenance costs are like planning a trip budget, changing based on your car’s type, model, and age. View oil changes and tire rotations as the basics—they keep your car running smoothly and help avoid big repair bills later. For those with luxury cars, the journey might come with a higher price tag due to the need for specialized services.

Sticking to your car’s maintenance schedule helps you find and fix problems early, avoiding bigger issues later. Regular check-ups are your roadmap to savings, making the drive ahead more efficient.

Staying on top of maintenance does more than keep your car running; it helps maintain its value over time. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for servicing is key to avoiding costly surprises. While the upfront costs might seem steep, they invest in long-term performance. Choosing car care and using service deals from our car maintenance shops can help you save money.


Bluewater Performance stands out with a team that loves cars and is active in the car community. We’re honest and clear! We tell you what needs fixing now and what can wait, helping you budget for vehicle maintenance better.

We stand by the quality of our work with a robust 3-year, 36,000-mile nationwide warranty on all services. Our focus is on ensuring your European vehicle runs without unnecessary repairs.

Our car maintenance shop is located in Denver, CO, but we also serve Thornton and Westminster.

To experience our customer-first approach, contact us at 303-800-7193 or today to learn more about our services and prices.


How often should you do car maintenance?

Vehicle maintenance frequency is determined by factors such as mileage, driving conditions, and vehicle age. Regular maintenance, typically every 6 months or 5,000–7,500 miles, ensures optimal performance and longevity.

What does maintenance include on a car?

Car maintenance service encompasses routine oil changes to keep your engine lubricated, tire rotations for even wear and traction, fluid checks to maintain proper levels, brake inspections, and filter replacements to ensure clean air.

What is a car maintenance schedule?

A car maintenance schedule serves as a roadmap for vehicle upkeep, detailing when essential tasks should be performed for optimal performance. It’s a proactive approach that saves time and money and extends the vehicle’s life.