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The oil in your vehicle plays a direct role in how well it performs. You need to ensure you change it whenever it’s time to do so. We can help you to ensure you’re replacing the oil at the right time.

Car owners have to pay attention to a lot of things to keep their vehicle in top shape. A crucial part of car maintenance is knowing when you need to schedule an oil change. Some people delay changing the oil in their cars until the very last moment because they assume it’s not all that important. However, if you don’t replace the oil when it’s necessary and use the correct oil, you could damage your vehicle. If you’re not sure about when you should schedule an oil or oil filter change, it’s best to contact a professional.

You Should Always Change Oil In Time. Here’s Why

A timely oil change will:

  • Lubricate the engine. Your engine will move a lot better when it’s properly lubricated.
  • Cool the engine. Lubricating the engine helps to keep it cool. When all the moving parts are turning freely, there will be less friction and, therefore, less heat.
  • Improve mileage. Your engine will consume less fuel when it’s working optimally.
  • Remove sludge. If you change the oil in your vehicle when it’s time to do so, there will be less build-up of dirt. Too much sludge can shorten your engine’s life.

First Oil Change in a New Vehicle

If you recently bought a new vehicle, you may be wondering when you should change the oil. Don’t trust the first articles you’ll find after googling “new car first oil change.  If you don’t want to void your warranty, you need to follow the recommendations in the owner’s manual. You should use the recommended type of oil and replace it at the specified time or after the specified mileage.

Some newer vehicles come with an oil-life monitor. This device tracks several metrics, including driving hours, drive temperatures, and engine revs to determine the condition of the oil and when it should be changed. This means you won’t have to guess about when you need to head into one of the oil change shops near you.

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