Your #1 Choice for Porsche Maintenance

Porsche are designed to make you feel alive, the way they cut across pavement and hug corners is a feeling that few cars can match. But that speed can take its toll, and when it comes time for Porsche maintenance, you’re probably looking for European car maintenance experts to care for your car, right? That’s where Bluewater Performance comes in. We’re here to help you get on a Porsche maintenance plan so your car gets the care it needs so you can get back on the road and get back to enjoying the reasons you bought a Porsche in the first place. Contact us today.



Fluid Maintenance

From engine oil, to power steering, coolant, brakes, and transmission services-we offer factory fluid service with OEM or better products.

Timing Belts

When was it last changed? Don’t know or have other questions? Hop on chat and let us help you.

Transmission Services

Clutches wear out, transmissions require fresh fluids and filters, and there are always opportunities to improve performance. Got questions? Let’s talk.

Spark Plugs

Replacing your spark plugs on time is easy. We are happy to ensure you don’t need a check engine light to remind you to change yours.


We offer in house alignments. We recommend having your alignments executed once a year to ensure maximum life of your tires.


We offer both factory style service or upgrades to your rotors, pads, lines, and fluids. We also have great options for BBK’s.

Manufacturer Maintenance Schedules

Audi, BMW, and VW insist that their vehicles meet a specific maintenance schedule. Our team is straightforward-without a pushy sales tactic.

Annual Inspection

Audi, BMW, and VW are all pushing for longer intervals on oil changes, which means you might not have a reason to get your vehicle in the shop. Performance vehicles should be inspected every year.

Specialized Porsche Service

Porsches are designed to be on the road for around 5,000 – 7,500 miles before taking it into experienced professionals for regular Porsche service and a detailed Porsche maintenance schedule. As a high performance machine, it takes regular maintenance to ensure everything is in proper working order. 
One of the biggest mistakes Porsche owners make is neglecting to take their vehicle in for regular service, believing their car is fine and doesn’t need it. Unfortunately, this can lead to the car developing underlying issues that may not manifest themselves as recognizable problems to the untrained technician. This proves disastrous for Porches, as small issues can snowball into massive problems that end up costing owners their precious vehicle. 
Don’t let your Porsche fall into disrepair; ensure you’re always road-ready by getting proper Porsche service in Denver, Thorton, and Westminster from the experts at Bluewater Performance. Give us a call at 303-800-7193 to speak with an expert about a quote and Porsche maintenance costs today!