Get Premium-Quality Volkswagen Maintenance in Denver, CO

Bluewater Performance offers specialized Volkswagen maintenance services that can improve the performance of your car and reduce costs in the long run. Let us take care of your VW.

On average, the Volkswagen maintenance cost per year can be $676. Do not take any chances. Keep your car in top shape with timely Volkswagen maintenance services to ensure its longevity. Contact us today for specialized car maintenance that can keep your car at peak performance. 

After getting the vehicle from the manufacturer, you may wonder where to find the best Volkswagen maintenance services. After all, you have to ensure that your car stays in top shape for years to come.

If you want your smooth rides to last longer, Bluewater Performance offers efficient, dependable VW care plan services in the Denver, CO, area.

Our Volkswagen Maintenance Schedule


We provide a value-added Volkswagen maintenance schedule that takes your mileage into consideration. Generally, the VW care plan is based on intervals of 10,000 miles for new Volkswagen vehicles. Every Volkswagen requires fluid checks, replacement, and oil and filter replacements at the first recommended frequency. Additionally, the brake pads need to be examined.

What do we provide VW scheduled maintenance?


We offer in-house alignments as part of our VW service schedule. We recommend having your alignments executed once a year to ensure the maximum life of your tires.

Fluid Maintenance

From engine oil to power steering, coolant, brakes, and transmission services – we offer factory fluid service with OEM or better products.

Timing Belts

As part of the VW Passat maintenance schedule, we change your timing belts on time so that you have no performance issues.

Transmission Services

Clutches wear out, transmissions require fresh fluids and filters, and there are always opportunities to improve performance. Got questions? Let’s talk.

Spark Plugs

Replacing your spark plugs on time is easy. We are happy to ensure you don’t need a check engine light to remind you to change yours.


We offer both factory style service or upgrades to your rotors, pads, lines, and fluids. We also have great options for BBK’s.

Manufacturer Maintenance Schedules

Audi, BMW, and VW insist that their vehicles meet a specific maintenance schedule. Our VW maintenance plan is straightforward-without a pushy sales tactic.

Annual Inspection

Audi, BMW, and VW are all pushing for longer VW service intervals on oil changes, which means you might not have a reason to get your vehicle in the shop. Performance vehicles should be inspected every year.

What's Included in the Volkswagen Maintenance Schedule?

A Volkswagen with proper maintenance will last longer, and the driver won’t have any difficulties when driving. Additional justifications for hiring a mechanic to service your Volkswagen include the following:

  • Engine oil and oil filter replacements 
  • Scheduled tire rotation for longer tire lifespan 
  • Volkswagen maintenance at 10,000 miles
  • AdBlue fluid checks 
  • Airbag system inspections 
  • Headlight cleaning system inspections 
  • Wiper blade inspections 

Unique Parts and Body

Every brand of car in the market has parts that are not readily available at just any local car maintenance store. You have to visit the official Volkswagen maintenance shop to get your car checked. So, to avoid the hassle each time your car encounters a glitch, it is best to get a Volkswagen maintenance plan which covers the regular repairs and VW maintenance costs.

Better Performance and Car Health

Just driving a Volkswagen car is not enough. Your precious baby should not only look shiny and sleek on the outside; the VW Jetta maintenance schedule makes sure it works like a clock on the inside, too. Be it speed, braking, smooth handling, gear changing, or any other performance issues; you need to get proper maintenance ASAP if you don’t want your car breaking down in the middle of the drive.

Car Value

You may want to get your car temporarily repaired at a local automobile store and cover up the problem, but the parts they are using may not be right for the Volkswagen maintenance plan. With our VW maintenance plans, you can get regular checkups, post-accident or basic repairs, and automobile part changes for a reasonable Volkswagen maintenance cost.


We Are the Best Volkswagen Maintenance Shop

From a basic car wash to changing the interior parts for better performance, you get various other services. These include fuel and engine services, driveshaft, axels, air cooler systems, and electrical repairs, as well as steering, suspension, and air control repairs.

We also provide a separate VW Atlas maintenance schedule and a VW Tiguan service schedule. Fluid maintenance, transmission services, spark plugs, brakes, alignments, timing belts, and annual inspections will be performed – you name it, we’ll do it. With these plans, you will not be burdened with high repair costs. Our Volkswagen maintenance costs are always reasonable. 

To access all the above services and much more, head to our new maintenance shop now. We will present you with the best solution to your problem, explain the details, negotiate the VW services prices, and give your vehicle the most effective maintenance ever.

Our service area includes:

  • Thornton, CO
  • Westminster, CO
  • Denver, CO

Follow the maintenance schedules and keep your car running like new for years to come.