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BMW Performance


  • Custom Fabrication

    We have the resources to execute custom fabrication entirely in house. Fabrication serves the needs of owners wanting custom touches, as well as providing solutions when no off the shelf hardware exists. 

  • Suspension

    From performance springs, to full coilover set ups, or air ride, your suspension set-up should match your needs, and your budget. Good suspension will reward you every minute of every mile.

  • Turbo Upgrades

    If you have maxed out the capacity of your stock turbo, or are looking to add forced induction to a naturally aspirated motor, we will work with you to support your big power goals.

  • Engine Builds

    We have been: building, repairing, prepping, and swapping performance engines since day one-this is work that we love. Stop by to see what we are working on today, and talk to us about your build. 

  • Performance Software Upgrade

    Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, performance software is always the first step for any performance enthusiast. We have off the shelf, as well as custom options for your engine and your DSG transmission.

  • Fuel System Upgrades

    From traditional port injection set ups to the modern day direct injection fuel systems, we have what you need to make sure that your fueling system is safely keeping up with power needs.

  • Dyno Testing

    Our in house Dynocom FX5000 AWD dyno is used daily to verify engine performance, troubleshoot performance issues, and for custom tuning. We can run almost any AWD, FWD, or RWD vehicle.

  • Custom Builds

    Whether you are dreaming of gracing the pages of a performance magazine, or standing atop a podium after a race weekend. We have been executing custom and award-winning builds for our clients since day one.

  • BMW Performance


    Browse our wide range of products to enhance your vehicle's performance.

  • BMW Performance


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BMW Performance Shop
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  • BMW Performance
  • BMW Performance
  • BMW Performance
  • BMW Performance

BMW advertises their vehicles as the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. We love BMW’s for their better than adequate stock power levels, great chassis balance, and tremendous steering feel. This performance DNA sets the stage for considerable performance upgrades, unlike some other marques, we don’t have to overcome chassis deficiencies. BMW owners with naturally aspirated engines thirsting for more power, may either be interested in a comprehensive menu of intake and exhaust upgrades to improve power at altitude, or a forced induction kit to take their build to the next level. Late model BMW owners with factory turbocharging will love performance engine software upgrades that add big power gains-without investing in major hardware upgrades. Regardless of what’s under the hood, we can all agree that BMW’s are well regarded for great handling and tremendous steering feel. Improving where the factory left off means that upgrading your BMW’s suspension for improved handling, stability, and looks can be achieved with even mild hardware upgrades. Whatever your pleasure, our BMW performance shop loves taking the Ultimate Driving Machines and extracting more performance from the BMW DNA-making your vehicle that much more enjoyable to own, drive, listen to, and behold. Still here reading about Performance? Hop on over to our   BMW Maintenance and Custom Software pages to keep your ride running smoothly, or to check out custom options.


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