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BMW Brake Service

Quality BMW Brake Service Offers You a Smoother Ride

Enjoy Better BMW Brake Service in Denver, CO with Bluewater Performance

Keeping an eye on the performance of your brakes makes you safer. Eyeing the next brake upgrade on your wish list can make your BMW even better. Bluewater Performance can help you get both goals taken care of.

Factory-Style Brake Service

BMW brakes are specialty systems, and they require precise handling and maintenance from certified experts. We service brakes for performance and finely-tuned sensitivity. Schedule a brake inspection every year or when you start to notice a bit of resistance. We use OEM parts for brake services and repairs, so you can expect high-quality parts and service every time you stop by.

Rotor Upgrades

Changing your BMW's rotors is one of the first steps to upgrading the performance of the brakes. Do you want drilled rotors or slotted rotors? On our team, everyone's a car enthusiast, so we can discuss the merits of these and other upgrades to make sure you're getting the right parts for what you want your car to be able to handle. We can get the details right down to sudden stop performance and pedal feel so the upgrades are exactly what you want.

Pad Upgrades

First and foremost, brake pads have to be replaced when they start to wear low. We focus on safety, so stop by whenever your brake indicator turns on to get a fresh set. As a general rule, they need to be replaced (or seriously evaluated) every 50,000 miles. But if you've been doing lots of precision driving or you've been showing off how fast your car can stop (who can blame you?), you'll need new brake pads more often. So stop by for general repairs and replacements. But when you want to focus on performance, you're still in the right place. Get the street pads, racing pads, or even the complete brake upgrade you want for where you do most of your driving.

Line Upgrades

Most BMWs start with rubber brake lines. They can get the job done well enough, but sometimes that's not good enough. Upgrade your brake lines with high-performance parts that match your brake pads and your driving demands. Stainless steel and Teflon lines used to only be for tracks and racing, but they can be for your BMW, too. Teflon shakes off chemical and moisture concerns, and they make the brakes feel better.

Fluid Replacement

Just like an oil change, brake fluid changes are a regular part of life when you own a car. Your car might need new fluid every two years, or it might need it every year. Bring your BMW in so we can take a look and make sure old fluid isn't downgrading your performance. Brake fluid picks up moisture over time, which can lower the boiling point and your brakes less responsive on the track. Get your brake lines flushed and replaced with the right fluid for your driving style and car.

BBK Options

Sometimes, upgrading your rotors and brake pads isn't enough to give you the control of your vehicle that you want. That's where Big Brake Kits (BBKs) step in. These kits completely change your brake system's performance for the track or the road. They include larger brake rotors and larger pads that are built for performance. BBKs also have better calipers — they offer more grip with more pistons. Basically, they include all of the rotor, brake pad, and brake line upgrades, with some extra grip, and all the parts are carefully chosen to work together.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Performance upgrades should be excellent down to the last detail. You'll never hear otherwise from Bluewater Performance — we're all car enthusiasts who spend our off-hours thinking about cars, too. So when you schedule an appointment with us, you can be sure you're working with experts who know the right parts for every variation of performance metrics. If you don't like how your brakes handle when you drive away, turn right around and we'll make it right. Our parts and repairs come with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty (does not include aftermarket performance parts). So whether you came by for improved brakes or because you needed to replace your worn brake pads, your complete satisfaction matters.

BMW Brake Service in Denver, Colorado

The roads in Denver, Colorado, can be hard on your brakes, no matter what BMW you have. Come see our team of German auto mechanics when your brake indicator flips on or if your brakes aren't performing like they used to — squeals and sticking brake pads should never be part of a ride in a BMW.

Our BMW brake service runs the gamut from maintenance and repairs to upgrades, so schedule an appointment today.

Choose Expert BMW Brake Service and Maintenance in Denver, Colorado for Fine-Tuned Control and Performance

Your BMW is built for smooth handling and fast acceleration. It's the perfect ride for flying down a scenic highway or around the track. But the faster your vehicle can go, the more critical it is that you can control exactly when, how, and how fast you can stop. Brake problems are no problem when you choose an expert auto shop with mechanics who know all about both BMWs and Denver's roads. We also don't just solve problems, we can make your brakes work better. Come in for performance upgrades that make your BMW the perfect car both on and off the track. Whether you need new brakes or you want new brakes, contact us today.