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Bluewater Performance comprises a team of enthusiasts dedicated to premier European car brands. Our expertise extends to BMW diagnostics, maintenance, tuning, and repair.


As a European car owner, you cannot trust just any auto repair shop for BMW diagnostics. Your vehicle was built with German precision and attention to detail, and it deserves the same level of professionalism. A BMW diagnostics specialist knows everything about this brand and uses tools and equipment approved by the producer.

If you think about the money, time, and dedication you invested in your prized car, it becomes clear that the BMW diagnostic cost is a further investment into expanding the lifespan of your vehicle. However, this does not mean that taking your ride to the best BMW diagnostics center will cost you an arm and a leg. At Bluewater Performance, we always offer fair prices for each type of service we perform!

Here’s What Our BMW Diagnostics Cover

We check your European car with professional devices approved by BMW to test the vehicle’s safety-critical systems. The diagnostic will cover all the essential steps to discover the root cause of any issue you have with your car. When we connect the tool with your car computer, the BMW diagnostics will retrieve information about:

  • The brakes
  • The engine
  • The suspension
  • The cooling system
  • The transmission
  • The exhaust system
  • Gas and oil

We leave nothing out, including the windshield wipers!

Additional Services Included In Our BMW Diagnostics Package

At Bluewater Performance, our specialized knowledge in BMW diagnostics goes beyond the usual. We offer precise solutions for all your vehicular intricacies. Whether it’s deactivating a key fob, registering a new battery, or fine-tuning preferences like disabling auto start/stop, we’ve got you covered!

On top of all of this, we also offer comprehensive repair services. At Bluewater Performance, expect nothing less than thorough BMW diagnostics, exceptional care, and a driving experience that surpasses expectations!

How Much Does BMW Diagnostic Cost Usually?

The BMW diagnostic cost usually ranges between $100 and $200 (but can be higher too). The exact number depends on the complexity of the issue being diagnosed. Another factor affecting the cost is the model and year of your BMW.

The service provider and the location of the diagnostic center also contribute to the exact BMW diagnostic test cost. Think of this cost as the equivalent of your annual health check-up bill: a necessary price to pay for your safety and peace of mind!

Here’s Why You Should Bring Your Ride To Our BMW Diagnostics Center

At Bluewater Performance, we love European cars and want to help US owners get the most out of their premium vehicles. BMW diagnostics is one of the services we specialize in. All our mechanics and engineers receive proper training and certification before they are allowed to work on your car.

Here’s why you should trust our specialists in BMW diagnostics in Denver, CO, and beyond:

  • We know how to interpret every error message
  • We have OEM equipment and tools approved by the producer
  • We complete the diagnostic test in the shortest possible time
  • We do not leave out any potential problem

Ours Is The Best BMW Diagnostics Center You Can Count On In Denver, CO!

Bluewater Performance has over 10 years of experience in business as a specialized BMW diagnostics and repair shop. We are trained and certified to work on top European brands and perform a full range of maintenance and repair services.

Our passion for cars, especially European rides, is what drives us to offer honest, pressure-free service with transparent recommendations. We even help customers budget for immediate repairs and offer a 3-year, 36,000-mile nationwide warranty on all the work we do, including BMW diagnostics.

We are ready to help all BMW car owners with diagnostic tests and repairs at fair prices in and around:

  • Thornton, CO
  • Westminster, CO
  • Denver, CO

Your precious car deserves special treatment. Call us now to schedule BMW diagnostics: 303-800-7193!