Bluewater Performance offers qualified and certified European car repair and maintenance services and is always ready to help you with radiator repair to put your car back on the road.

As an auto repair shop specializing in specialty European cars, one of our most popular services in Denver is radiator repair. Driving on a faulty radiator can have disastrous consequences for the health of your car, and taking your luxury vehicle to specialists who aren’t well versed in European cars could end up doing far more harm than good, leaving you out of luck and out of options.

Repair service on European cars can be incredibly challenging, especially for traditional automotive mechanics who normally only work on American makes. But when should you get a car radiator repaired, and how much will this cost? Let’s take a closer look.



Malfunctioning Thermostat

Most visits to radiator repair shops are due to failed thermostats. While it isn’t a part of the radiator itself, it is responsible for keeping the engine at the optimum running temperature and can cause the car to overheat quickly.

Malfunctioning Radiator Fan

Cars use aluminum electric fans to pull air through the radiator when idling or at low speeds in order to keep the car’s engine cool. If your car overheats while idling (but does fine on the freeway), you may have a malfunctioning radiator fan, so you will need to consult us for the auto radiator repair service.

Leaky Radiator Hose

Cooling systems usually leak due to faulty radiator hoses that carry coolant between the radiator and the engine. While it’s recommended to have your hoses periodically inspected whether or not they’re working well, many people overlook it, which in turn may lead to further auto radiator repairs.

A failed water pump

Failed plastic water pumps are another very common reason for visits to the car shop for radiator repair in Denver, CO. As water moves through the radiator and into the engine, it’s forced back into the radiator by a water pump. When that water pump fails, water can no longer circulate correctly, which leads to engine problems and overheating.

How Much Does a Car Radiator Repair Cost?

The car radiator repair price is influenced by several factors. For one, the severity of the problem determines the extent of the repair work, the number of man-hours, and the parts the technicians need. This is why you should bring your European vehicle to local radiator repair shops as soon as you notice the first problems. 

Secondly, the repair cost depends on the quality of the workmanship and the parts used. As we mentioned at the beginning, if you take your European car to a regular service station, you will possibly pay a low car repair cost. However, the damage done to your car by mechanics who are not trained to work on these cars will cost you a lot more than choosing specialized radiator repair in Denver in the first instance. 

As for how hard the repairs will be on your wallet, the car repair cost varies based on the problem. For example, water pump replacements run around $500, while replacing a radiator fan can run around $700. Also, the final repair cost depends on the car’s make and model. 

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