Colorado’s European Car Suspension Repair Experts

While we rely on it everyday during our commute, auto owners often don’t think about their car’s suspension until it becomes a big-time problem. Moreover, if you’re a European car model owner, finding the right auto repair shop to address your suspension repair can be difficult and time-consuming.
Luckily at BW Performance, we’re Colorado’s leading auto shop focusing on European specialty cars and handling suspension repairs, engine overhauls and more!



Air Intake

Colorado is a dusty place. Manufacturers’ recommendations aren’t doing you any favors. Whether you need a replacement factory filter or a performance upgrade, we have what you need.


From repairing failed engine components, to oil leaks, engine replacements and swaps. We are equipped with diagnostic equipment and specialty tools to tackle your engine projects of any size at reasonable prices.

Climate Control

Colorado gets too hot to be without AC, and too cold to live without heat. From AC system diagnostics and repair, to heater core replacements-we can also repair your climate control panel.

Fuel Systems

From traditional fuel pumps and injectors, to the current generation of direct injection and high-pressure hardware, our techs will make sure your engine has all the fuel it needs.


Electrical repairs can be tricky, but they don’t have to be. We will work with you to understand the nature of your electrical issues, and map out how we can diagnose and repair.


As vehicle performance and vehicle mileage increase, so too does the stress that axles and drivetrains must absorb. From new factory units to performance rebuilds, we’ll give you all the best options and advice.

Cooling System

Unless you are Magnus Walker, chances are your engine requires coolant to maintain operating temps. From small repairs, to cooling system overhauls and upgrades, we will make cooling system repairs a breeze.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a stock vehicle or a performance vehicle, steering and suspension are regarded as important safety items. We’ll make sure you understand what your vehicle needs to be safe.

Common Vehicle Suspension System Problems Explained

  • Vehicle bottoms out
    Your vehicle should rarely if ever bottom out (unless you’re off-roading), and bottoming out is a sign that your car’s suspension can no longer stop the undercarriage of your car from hitting the road. Depending on what part of your car is hitting the road, this could cause serious issues to your vehicle’s health.
  • Bouncing after bumps
    If your car continues to bounce up and down after a bump, it’s a clear indicator your suspension system is worn down.
  • Speed wobbles and poor vehicle control
    While a variety of problems can cause speed wobbles, one of the most common causes is a worn-down suspension system. Speed wobbles are incredibly dangerous and should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Your car “pulls” to the side while driving
    If you find yourself fighting to keep your vehicle straight while driving, this could indicate it’s time to find the right suspension service. Not only does driving your car like this harm your car’s alignment and overall function, but it can pose serious risks to your safety. 

European Car Suspension Replacement in Denver

As Colorado’s leading European auto shop, hundreds have trusted us to get their suspension replacement done right the first time.
Your car’s suspension is made up of shocks, struts, control arms, bushings, ball joints, and more. With so many moving parts there’s a big possibility you’ll run into suspension problems down the road. Here are some signs your car needs suspension work: Increased stopping distance; You feel your vehicle roll forward, also known as a “body roll”, when you come to a stop; Car drifts or pulls around turns; Uneven tire tread; Car rides roughly overall.
Suspension repair costs can range from $1,000 – $5,000 based on your car’s model, what suspension systems need fixing and your auto insurance.
BW Performance services the following Colorado areas: Thornton,CO, Westminster,CO, Denver, CO
Want to chat with an expert about suspension replacement? Give us a call at 303-800-7193 and let one of our experts walk you through the process today!