Your Car Will Run at Top Performance after Professional Transmission Repair in Denver, CO

You are really proud of your German car, so it deserves professional transmission repair at a specialized auto repair shop. The transmission is one of the critical parts of a vehicle. This system sends the power generated by the engine to the wheels. The more power it transmits, the faster your car drives.

However, the transmission will get damaged over time due to the usual wear and tear. Experienced mechanics at a transmission repair shop will quickly identify the problem and get your beloved car in top shape again. Once you get back on the road, you will experience the same thrills of driving your German car as you did during the first days after purchasing it. 

Signs that You Need to Take Your Vehicle for Transmission Service

First of all, how do you know that your car may need automatic transmission repair? Problems with the transmission are noticeable to any driver. You may notice that:

  • The car stalls during uphill drives
  • You hear grinding noises from the transmission
  • You find puddles of transmission fluid under your parked car
  • The car’s performance is not what it used to be

There is another issue concerning transmission service: how often should you perform it? The golden rule is that you need to take a new car to a transmission service shop to change the fluid after the first 60,000 miles and then once every 2-3 years or 300,000 miles (whichever occurs sooner).

The Importance of Specialized Transmission Repair

Any transmission service mechanic will tell you why you should not postpone this regular checkup for your car since:

  • You can prevent the disastrous consequences of a transmission malfunction while you are driving
  • You avoid a domino effect where various parts of the car become damaged for lack of lubrication
  • You avoid extensive and costly repair and replacement works on your car.

We Are Your Trusted Specialists in Transmission Service in Denver

Bluewater Performance has a team of experienced mechanics who are trained and certified to work on German car brands.

We offer professional transmission repair for car owners living in:

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