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BMW Transmission Repair

Find Your One-Stop-Shop BMW Transmission Repair with Bluewater Performance

Diagnostic Service

Did the ‘Transmission Malfunction Drive Moderately’ message show up on your dash? Your BMW might also go into Safe Mode or Limp Mode at the same time. These are some of the first signs you'll see that's something is wrong with your transmission. You'll feel or hear many of the other signs, such as hard shifts, erratic shifting, or even a bumpy lag. When your ride isn't smooth, bring it by for a quick diagnostic. We can check the computer codes, make sure your fluids are in optimal condition, and perform an inspection under the hood.

Sometimes, oil leaks will also be a clue that something is starting to go wrong with your transmission. If you tried troubleshooting the problem but the error codes aren't leading you in the right direction, bring it by. We'll help get to the bottom of things.

Premium Fluids and Filters

There's not always a mechanical problem behind transmission issues. Sometimes it's the transmission fluid. If you see a leak where you park your car, let us know if it's clear or cloudy so we can zero in on the problem. We add more fluid and chase the leak to its source. If a burning smell made you bring your car in, it could also just be old transmission fluid (what a relief, right?). We'll get your vehicle outfitted with the proper transmission fluid for its next 50,000 miles.

Clutch Replacements

If you've been holding on to your favorite manual transmission BMW, sooner or later the clutch may give out. This assembly is what makes the wheels respond to a gear shift, and it's made up of lots of complex parts. Once one component fails, it'll start to hurt the rest of them. We'll do our best to catch the problem early to minimize the spread of damage. If it's too late and the clutch has been slipping, vibrating, or struggling to shift for a while, our team of expert mechanics will replace the clutch.

Perform Improvements

One of the best parts of owning a BMW is you can really make it your own. Improve transmission performance with a performance software upgrade. If you're just starting your journey as a performance enthusiast, make this improvement your top priority. Bluewater Performance offers both off-the-shelf and custom options.

Regular Transmission Service

Don't let routine transmission maintenance fall off of your to-do list. BMWs have complex transmission systems that do a lot of work. The fluid can fill up with metallic particles, and so can the filter. This causes poor performance, burning smells, and overheating. We can replace the transmission fluid — which we recommend for every fifty thousand miles. Even if you chose the lifetime transmission fluid option, that was designed for a maximum of 100,000 miles. Depending on how hard your car works (and Denver, Colorado, has both steep inclines and some heavy traffic), that transmission fluid isn't really going to last a lifetime.

Radiator Service

All roads lead back to your transmission eventually. Radiators — when they're working right — help keep the engine cool, which in turn does its part to keep your transmission in good shape. A critical radiator failure could spread like wildfire (hopefully not literally). Our radiator service includes checking out your coolant levels, looking for leaks and cracks, and making sure none of the parts are failing. Fixing your radiator is almost always easier and cheaper than getting into the transmission, and we'll work hard to catch problems early.

Complete Transparency

If you've been burned once by an overpriced repair, you're not going to let it happen twice. We completely understand. That's why we'll always give you a thorough explanation of what's giving your transmission trouble, a breakdown of the prices, and the guarantee that any replacement parts are getting installed by a qualified technician. We use OEM parts, and you'll know what's happening during every step of any repair.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Substandard work doesn't happen here. We get to the bottom of your grinding gears or transmission fluid leak instead of guessing at the most likely problem and calling it a day. Not only can you contact us if your car doesn't handle right after your BMW transmission repair is complete, but our repairs are also backed by a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty  and satisfaction guarantee. Just let us know if you have a problem, and we'll put in the work to make it right.

BMW Transmission Repair in Denver, CO

Transmission problems can be gnarly. The only way to stop them is to catch them early and have a good preventative maintenance program that keeps your transmission fluid, oil, and coolant at the right levels. At Bluewater Performance, we handle it all — we also specialize in performance improvements that make your BMW even better. Schedule an appointment with us if it's been a while since you've thought about your transmission, so you can be sure your car is running smoothly. We're also here when you start to notice grinding, shaking, or a burning smell in the middle of your next drive. Our team of German auto mechanics knows how to take care of transmission systems, clutches, and all the parts that affect your transmission's performance. So don't wait until a sticking gear turns into a stuck gear.

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly with BMW Transmission Repair in Denver, Colorado

Get Multi-Faceted BMW Transmission Repair from the Denver, CO Experts

Transmission problems are the worst. When you shift gears and feel friction or hear an awful grinding sound, it can automatically ruin a fun ride. It might also make you start to worry about hearing the dreaded words "full rebuild." That's where Bluewater Performance comes in. We can get to the bottom of transmission problems as soon as you notice the gears grinding or there's something wrong with your transmission fluid. So don't ignore it. We can diagnose your BMW and start fixing the problem ASAP. Contact us today.