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Transmission problems are the worst. When you shift the gears of your BMW and feel friction or hear an awful grinding sound, it can automatically ruin a fun ride. It might also make you start to worry about hearing the dreaded words “full rebuild.” That’s where Bluewater Performance comes in with our European Auto Repair

We can perform BMW transmission repair as soon as you notice the gears grinding or there’s something wrong with your transmission fluid. So don’t ignore it. We can diagnose your BMW and start fixing the problem ASAP with maintenance services like a BMW transmission fluid change.

We Have Complete BMW Transmission Services for You!


We offer high-quality BMW transmission replacement that makes us your one-stop-shop! When you come to us, you have no need to worry about anything. 

Check out some of the BMW transmission services we provide.

Diagnostic Service

When your ride isn’t smooth, bring it by for quick BMW transmission troubleshooting. We can check the computer codes, make sure your fluids are in optimal condition, and perform an inspection under the hood.

Premium Fluids and Filters

There’s not always a mechanical problem behind transmission issues. Sometimes it’s the BMW transmission fluid change, and we can zero in on the problem. We can get your vehicle outfitted with the proper transmission fluid for its next 50,000 miles.

Clutch Replacements

We do our best to catch the problem early to minimize the damage. If it’s too late and the clutch has been slipping, vibrating, or struggling to shift for a while, our team of expert mechanics will replace the clutch.


Perform Improvements

Improve transmission performance with a performance software upgrade. If you’re just starting your journey as a performance enthusiast, make this improvement your top priority. Bluewater Performance offers both off-the-shelf and custom options as a part of our BMW transmission services.

Regular Transmission Service

BMWs have complex transmission systems that need BMW transmission fluid change regularly. We recommend it for every fifty thousand miles, even if you chose the lifetime transmission fluid option, which was designed for a maximum of 100,000 miles. Depending on how hard your car works (and Denver, Colorado, has both steep inclines and some heavy traffic), that transmission fluid isn’t really going to last a lifetime.

Radiator Service

All roads lead back to your transmission eventually. Our BMW radiator service includes checking out your coolant levels, looking for leaks and cracks, and making sure none of the parts are failing.

Complete Transparency

If you’ve been burned once by an overpriced BMW transmission repair cost, you’re not going to let it happen twice. We completely understand. We offer proper briefs about the transmission trouble, a price breakdown, and the guarantee that any replacement parts are getting installed by a qualified technician.

100% Customer Satisfactionre-manufactured

We get to the bottom of your grinding gears or transmission fluid leak instead of guessing at the most likely problem and calling it a day. You can contact us for BMW transmission repair and our repairs are also backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

Our Affordable BMW Transmission Replacement Cost

The BMW transmission replacement cost is among the most expensive jobs done by mechanics. As per the Transmission Repair Cost Guide, BMW transmission repair cost can go from $1800 to $3400. It can cost anywhere from $800 to $1500 for even a used or salvaged transmission. It can cost $1300 to $3400 for remanufactured transmissions and $1100 to $2800 for a rebuilt transmission. 

How much does it cost to repair a BMW transmission when it comes to labor? The labor to replace your transmission for $500 to $1200 for 4-10 hours of billed mechanic times.

Hiring BMW Transmission Specialists for Your Car

You definitely need a BMW transmission specialist who knows high-performance cars and is a true enthusiast. They are highly-trained individuals who can boost your car’s performance, ensuring a smoother drive and enhancing its lifespan. Plus, the BMW transmission repair price will truly be worth it then. 

Transmission Slipping 

When the automatic transmission slips, it can make the gear change for no reason, and the car’s engine might whine a little. It is important to get them back in working order with our BMW transmission specialist

Rough Shifting

Whether you drive manual or automatic, the car shouldn’t give you any trouble while shifting. If it’s making noise and its rough, our BMW transmission repair can help you reach the speed you want.

Delayed Movement 

Does your BMW hesitate when you are shifting from Park to Drive modes? Delays mean that your transmission isn’t healthy. 

Fluid Leak 

Transmissions are sealed, so they shouldn’t leak. If they are, it can impact your overall performance. Our BMW transmission fluid change service can help you out with that! 

Check Engine Light 

If the light is on, a diagnostics test is vital! Our diagnostics can help get to the root of the problem at Bluewater Performance in Denver. 

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Bluewater Performance stands among the best BMW transmission repair shops in Denver. You won’t have to worry about BMW transmission problems since we will handle them properly. Our company’s team is passionate about cars, and we are true enthusiasts in the automotive community. 

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