Tire Storage by Bluewater

Bluewater Performance is excited to announce a new service – Tire Storage!

Do you dread the thought of having to store your own winter or summer tires when not in use, or are you short on storage space? We can help! Simply leave your un-needed tire set with us, or drop off a set, and we will do the rest. They will be photographed, tagged, bagged (if need be), and stored in our dry, secure storage location.

When you are ready to have us swap your tires, give us a call and we will get you scheduled! We do need a two (2) day notice to have your tires ready. During peak mounting seasons, we may be scheduled out longer than 2 days.

Typical tire swap seasons are as follows:
September – December for Winter Tire Mounting
March – June for Summer Tire Mounting

Pricing starts at $18 per month for your first set of four (4) tires. Any additional sets are at a discounted rate of $13 per month. We will charge you up front for 6 months of storage, and then continue to charge every 6 months until we no longer have your tires.

Having multiple sets of tires – Winter & Summer tires – is a great way to extend the life of your tires. You can rest assured that your tires are being stored in a safe and dry environment, which will help them last even longer.

You can read our FAQ page and see more information here –
Tire Storage by Bluewater