FREE Mount & Balance with Purchase of Any 4 Tires with Road Hazard Protection

Starting today, and going through the end of November – Purchase any set of 4 tires, with Road Hazard Protection, and we’ll mount and balance for FREEThat’s a savings of over $75!

The Denver area has already received record amounts of snow for October (and hopefully November). We want to make sure you are safe on the road with a proper set of dedicated winter tires. But if you want a new set of summer, race, drag, or all-season tires – you are more than welcome to request those and receive the same deal. We won’t judge you, but we also don’t want to see you stuck in the ditch during the next Denver snowstorm. We warned you!

Tire type aside, this is one heck of a deal. Give us a call (303) 800-7193 to get some price estimates today. Don’t be shy either, if you’re not sure what type of tire you would like, one of our friendly service advisors will walk you though the proper steps to help you select the tires best suited for your needs.

Bonus is that we now offer Road Hazard Protection plans for tires. This includes the following:

Road Hazard Tire Protection provides three years of prorated coverage on your new tire purchase. Coverage is limited to the original selling price or the replacement selling price, whichever is less; and cannot exceed $399.99 per tire. Coverage is for 3 years or down to 2/32nds tread wear, whichever comes first.

Road Hazard protection covers:

Nails or Glass Damage
Bruise or Breaks
Potholes or Curb Damage

During the first 12 months, coverage includes flat tire changing assistance up to $75 and flat tire repair up to $25 per incident.

What is NOT Covered

Defects in Materials or Workmanship (covered by manufacturer of tire)
Fire, Theft, Vandalism
Off-road use

This extends beyond just our location in Denver, Colorad. You are protected Nationwide! You heard that right, even if you are out on a road trip in Vermont, you can get your tires repaired or replaced, if it qualifies with the requirements above. Simply give us a call and we can get it all set up.

(303) 800-7193