PPIHC Fan Fest 2019!

This year’s fan fest was a riot! Partnering with Canna ColaVan Life Customs, and Red Bull; we had one heck of a line up – a turbo’d all terrain side-by-side, our carbon fiber wide body S3, and Van Life/Red Bull’s lifted Mercedes Sprinter van – to round out our huge display.

We met a bunch of really awesome fans, you guys are why we do what we do! Did a couple pretty cool interviews with the local new stations. Got some really amazing food, and enjoyed all the competitors and sponsors that lined the streets. Even the weather was great, up until the very end with the unexpected storm that rolled in. We couldn’t have hoped for a better way to spend our evening.

Here’s the video highlighting our time during Fan Fest – created by the ever talented Blockhead Productions. Also check out the photos we captured as well!