Thule City to Summit Denver 2019

Most of you guys know BW team member, Jaryd and his lifted big-turbo Alltrack. He was invited to be a part of a super unique event sponsored by Thule during the big outdoor convention week in Denver back in June. This wasn’t just a typical product showcase – Thule hand selected a bunch of unique pavement and off-road built vehicles ranging from old Volvos to the new Audi eTron, to lifted sprinter vans, wranglers, an awesome Atlas, and of course, Jaryd’s Alltrack. The whole point of this event was to show the versatility of Thule as a company. Yes they make outdoor gear, and roof rack stuff.. but did you know they also make strollers, luggage, and now roof top tents?

The City to Summit showcase was held over a 4 day period. Each night offered a different selection of food trucks and adult beverages, all from local Colorado based companies. All for free. It was more of an opportunities to mingle with like-minded individuals as well as top Thule executives and competitive team members from across the world. They highlighted a bunch of new projects that Thule has helped fund to help protect and prevent issues such as climate change and poverty by means of donations and utilization of eco-friendly and recycled materials for their products. These small steps now will make huge changes in the future. Above and beyond the environment, this event was a great way for Thule to showcase some new and exciting products they will be offering in the near future.

It just so happens that Jaryd’s Alltrack was outfitted with special one-off prototype products. A new style car based awning system, a sweet single person Tepui roof top tent, and a new kayak/canoe mount system were among the items mounted on the roof. The amount of items you can fit up there is surprising.  The single person roof top tent was by far the crowd pleaser, as there is nothing like it on the market. Out of all the items that Thule used, Jaryd was most impressed with the awning. We’re used to seeing them on Sprinter vans and RVs, but never on a car platform. ‘I was expecting the awning to cause more issues than benefits… I am 6’3″ after all. But I was totally surprised that I could stand under the far end of it with ample head room’ said Jaryd. It ended up coming in handy during the light rain that moved in on Tuesday evening. People were huddled under and it worked like a charm.

If you’re in the market for Thule products, have questions on lifting your Volkswagen, or just want to chat more about this build – give us a call and ask for Jaryd.

We’re hoping this event was a success and that Thule comes back next year, because it certainly was a blast. We are glad we could be included. Here’s a video of the entire event, along with photos of the Alltrack and it’s roof goodies. Photo credit – Sam Dobbins.


Thule City to Summit Denver 2019 from Thule on Vimeo.