Which Tune Is Right For Me?

Ah the world of tuning. It can be a daunting one to say the least. There are so many companies out there producing tunes for a wide range of vehicles, and others are much more fine tuned, pun intended. Here at Bluewater Performance we offer a nice selection of tunes for your Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes. Let’s kick things off with the most versatile of tuning options, APR APR is a U.S. based automotive engineering firm and boy do they have a tune for just about every Audi and Volkswagen. Don’t worry, they also offer tunes for Porsche and Lamborghini for you serious racers out there. The reason that APR is considered to be more of the versatile tuning option is because they have what we call “off the shelf” tuning. Figuratively speaking, these tunes can be taken off the shelf and put right into your car. It’s that simple! With different options like Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, and even APR Plus, there’s plenty of options to choose from. The APR Plus option is unique because it offers customers who still have a powertrain limited warranty the option to have APR cover that warranty for the duration of the life of your original powertrain limited warranty. This provides peace of mind to those looking to tune their car, but not void their warranty completely. For more information about APR Plus, give us a call! Here is a breakdown of the tunes offered by APR:
  • A3|S3|RS3
  • A4|S4|RS4
  • A5|S5|RS5
  • A6|S6|RS6
  • A7|S7|RS7
  • A8|S8
  • Q3|RS Q3
  • Q5|SQ5
  • Q7
  • R8
  • Atlas
  • Beetle
  • CC
  • Eos
  • Golf|Rabbit|GTI|Golf R
  • Jetta|GLI
  • Passat
  • Phaeton
  • Tiguan
  • Touareg
  • 911|Carerra
  • Boxster
  • Cayenne
  • Cayman
  • Huracan
APR also releases modifications and upgrades to current tunes, such as Crackle and Pop, 100 Octane, 93 Octane, 91 Octane, and Valet Mode. Those looking for a more custom tune, we offer United Motorsport tuning. Now, unlike APR, United Motorsport offers much more customized tuning options. Although UM does have what we like to call “off the shelf” tunes, these are more predominantly custom tunes. United Motorsport has been around since the late 1990’s and they really have one goal in mind. Making cars faster, more powerful, and more pleasurable to drive. Here is a breakdown of the United Motorsport tunes we offer:
  • A3
  • A4
  • A5
  • S3
  • TT
  • TTS
  • TT RS
  • CC
  • EOS
  • Golf|Golf R
  • GTI
  • Jetta
  • Passat
  • R32
  • Rabbit
Although APR and United Motorsport are two of the more common tunes that our customers choose, we do offer some other more niche tuning options. For our 4.2L V8 Audi drivers out there, we have a few options to meet your needs. JHM Tuning offers a unique tune that we’d recommend doing on any 4.2L V8 motor. JHM does offer other tuning applications but again, we recommend their tune for the 4.2L V8 motors. 034 Motorsports offers a wide variety of options for your Audi or VW. Since there are so many options from 034 Motorsports, give us a call to chat about what could work for your Audi or Volkswagen. European Tuning Specialists or ETS offers a custom 2.7T tune for Audi S4 B5, A6, or the Allroad. One of the options we have for our BMW clients is Burger Motorsports performance tuning with the JB4 piggy-back tuner module. This onboard tune is offered for 2007-2010 BMW 135 335 535 Z4 X6 and 2011-2013 335is 1M and Z4 N54 Twin Turbo. This tuner module is unique because it the actual tuning box stays onboard the car at all times. This isn’t the only option we have for our BMW drivers, we also offer RK Tunes. RK offers a tune for all 1-7 Series as well as the X, M, and Z series vehicles. But that’s not all we offer for BMW drivers! We also have one more option, EMP Tuning which focuses primarily on tuning newer BMW platforms with N54 and N55 engines but are also manufacturer certified to professionally tune standalone systems on any almost any vehicle. VF-Engineering is another one of our more niche tuning options. VF provides tunes for Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Volkswagen, and Porche. Based out of California, VF-Engineering has been around for 20 years so we really trust their work, and our clients love it too. Last but surely not least is Kleemann tuning. This tuning option is specifically for our Mercedes clients. Here’s a few of the engine types that Kleemann offers tunes for. 400 V6 BiTurbo CGI, C63 4.0 BT, 350 V6, 600 V12 BiTurbo, AMG 65, 32 AMG V6, 430/500/43 AMG/55 AMG V8, AMG 55 Kompressor, AMG 55, AMG 63, AMG 63 BiTurbo, SLS AMG, 500 V8 BiTurbo, 500/550 V8, AMG 45, and so many more! Although the process of picking which tune is right for you can seem daunting, we can work with you to find what’s right for your vehicle, budget, and compatibility with current modifications. Although a company may offer a tune for your vehicle, it really depends on what you are looking to gain from your tune option. We’d be more than happy to chat with you to help you find exactly which tune is right for you, so give us a call or shoot us an email!