You Guys Do Maintenance and Repair?

<p>UGGGH. We HATE it when people call us and ask us this question. Yes of course we offer auto <a href=””>maintenance</a> and <a href=””>repair</a>. We do more of that than anything else. We even back our repairs with a 2-year warranty. We just never want to be the type of shop that gets all thirsty and pushes maintenance and repair, as if you care about that stuff.</p> <p>HOLD UP</p> <p>We&rsquo;re totally sitting here and boasting about maintenance and repair, which is exactly what we said we don&rsquo;t want to do. Maybe it&rsquo;s not a bad thing after all, that the only thing that people remember about Bluewater Performance us is our legit performance game.</p> <p>OK, HOW ABOUT THIS</p> <p>Dear the Internet,</p> <p>We really want to make sure that when people search for Denver auto maintenance and repair, that we show up on Google. There. We said it.</p> <p>Dear Clients,</p> <p>Yes, we offer auto maintenance and repair, and yes, we&rsquo;re really good at that too, and yes, we warranty it blah blah blah, but can we please talk about something else? Did you know that Jaryd in his heavy and underpowered GTI is faster on an auto-x course than Ben is in his super lightweight super powerful E36? Did you see the audio clip Jaryd posted of the aggressive exhaust that Ben put on the Lambo?</p>