1978 911 SC Porsche Targa

It’s not everyday that we get a classic old Porsche come through our shop, so we were pretty pumped when we saw this guy roll up. The customer came in with this amazing barn find Porsche 911 Targa, looking to get her back to her former glory. This baby really needed some work. The owner told us that the car hadn’t been run in almost 16 years, and the engine was burning and leaking oil really bad. Our shop foreman Ben dove in to see what could be done. After looking around and pulling the motor apart, Ben determined that the motor was going to need to be rebuilt to get it running properly again. The customer is looking to use the car as a daily driver so we need to ensure everything is running great. Due to the build up of oil and rust on most of the engine block, Ben had to heat up some the bolts to get them freed from the engine. Made for some really great pictures!