Competitive Performance

A big part of who we are, is car guys. We identify ourselves through our vehicles and our unique approach to modifying and enhancing them is a direct reflection of the importance that cars play in our lives. This is what we want you to experience. We want you to love your car, the same way we do. Bluewater Performance’s approach to competitive performance supports the way we value the importance of cars in our life.

You guys use the phrase competitive performance, what does that mean?

To use the word competitive means two things:

  • Competitive as in, competition. As in, we race! And we win!
  • Competitive as in, competitive prices as in, no cost labor on APR software installs,

Competitive Prices

No one likes feeling ripped off, we get that. Bluewater Performance upgrades are by their very nature elective-meaning you don’t truly need them. Ok some of us do. But while auto maintenance and repair needs are never optional, performance upgrades are indeed optional. You should never avoid replacing your brakes because you are saving up for a big turbo kit. Right?

No Cost Install on APR Software

When you purchase APR performance software, you only pay for the cost of the software, there is no cost to you for installation. Yes, installing software takes us some time, but it’s not like we have to write the code for your file. Should we charge for this? Maybe, others certainly do. However, we would rather make it known that we would prefer to see you save that money and spend it on an intake upgrade, performance sway bar, or save it for your next scheduled service or auto repair.

Performance Products for Every Budget

Some of you are interested in only motorsport grade products, because that’s truly what you need. And some of you, simply aren’t putting your car on the track, and motorsport grade equipment is truly overkill. Yes of course, suspension options from Bilstein and KW are fantastic. But if you just need some more low for your daily driver, then Racelands will do. We love putting Capristo exhaust on Lambo’s, but we install way more Magnaflow kits on Mk4’s then we do Lambo kits.

Shop Specials

Every month (or almost every month) we offer big shop specials. Offering BIG discounts and savings on performance upgrades, as well as maintenance and repair. Does anyone remember us offering FREE INSTALL of coilovers with purchase last summer (2017)? Make sure you don’t miss out by subscribing to our blog or following us on Facebook.

Competition Grade Performance

For those of you that demand the best in performance upgrades, we put our money where our mouth is. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Since Day 1, Gabe and the Bluewater Performance Team has been building, competing in, and winning with cars built in our workshop.

Our Builds

We have built cars that competed under the Bluewater Performance banner, as well as supporting race cars and builds for other shops and customers. We have been invited repeatedly to the European Car (formerly Eurotuner Magazine) Shootout, where we rubbed shoulders with the best in the industry. We recently transformed our Mk5 R32 into a dedicated Salt Flat Top Speed car capable of seeing speeds more than 230 MPH! This car has airplane tires and a parachute! Today we are building a 2016 Audi S3 (8V) for more competitive use. While many of these projects have been passion projects for Gabe, today other team members are competing in the world of motorsport. Imagine what the boys will be up to in the coming years!

Auto X

This summer (2017) Ben and Jaryd prepared an E36 and a Mk5 GTI respectively, for competition in the PPIR Auto X series. Both drivers did very well considering their competitive platforms, and we are most proud of Jaryd for winning his division.Whatever your budget, whatever your needs, know that Bluewater Performance will support you as you modify your daily on the cheap, or build the ultimate track car. What we value is the relationship that each of us has with our vehicles. You can trust that we bring the passion, skills, and experience to execute your upgrades. You can trust that our pricing will always be fair, and we will hustle hard to guarantee your satisfaction.