What We Do And How We Do It

We have a new website, logo (in case you missed it) and message. Is this a new Bluewater Performance?

Absolutely not. After being in business for 8 years in Denver, we decided that our website should be a better reflection of who we really are. We engaged in a lengthy process of discovering what our core values are. We then spoke to many of you via our marketing guy. You gave him very honest feedback, which was more honest than you would have ever been to us (we love you too). After studying your responses, we really began to understand what Bluewater Performance means to our clients. We also learned more about what we need to do better for you.

What we want you to know is that in 2017, Bluewater Performance has not changed, but rather we have a better understanding of who we are, and who we want to be for our clients. If you know us-you can see that our website is an honest expression of who we are because it gives a sense of the low-pressure speed shop vibe that we have always perpetuated.

Our Motto: Built with Passion.

Bluewater Performance was not created because Gabe Adams needed a job and a way to earn a living. Gabe already had that and he hated it. Gabe was working in corporate America, and it was killing him. Bluewater Performance was created as a means for him to do what he loved to do in Denver, and do it his way. Passion for us extends not only to what we do, but how we do it.

What we do

Yes, we are seriously in love with cars. We eat, sleep, and breathe automotive performance. Being able to work on your cars, believe it or not, is us living our dreams. When you are excited about our work, it makes our day.

How we do it

We love our speed shop vibe, we love hanging out, and we love building cool cars. We are car guys, not sales guys.

At Bluewater Performance, we don’t employ slick talking salesmen, instead we have Jaryd. Jaryd’s laid back attitude and background of growing up in the garage and at the racetrack makes for a great person to talk to about the builds you want. Jaryd built his Mk5 GTI to compete at PPIR’s Auto-X series. In its first season, Jaryd’s GTI dominated its competitive class.

In the shop, Ben isn’t wearing a uniform. He’s wearing his favorite brand of air ride suspension t-shirt (again), and he keeps crying when Alex tries to rub his dirty hands on it. Ask Ben about his time working at Bluewater. And he’ll likely tell you that in his first week he was working side by side with Gabe, building high boost motors. Today Ben acts not only as lead tech, but also as shop foreman. Helping to guide the growth of his team, as Gabe did for him so many years ago.

Ryan is working tirelessly in his corner of the shop only taking breaks to document his current shop project on Instagram. (We actually don’t have a bad thing to say about this, Ryan loves his work, and we all love that).

Maybe our business would be more efficient if we had a service advisor who cared about hitting his bonus. Maybe more work in the shop would get done if Ben could actually work on cars and stop fussing about his outfit. Yes, Bluewater Performance is a business (and we’re doing just fine, thank you) and yes, we care about business things. But much more than that, we care about taking care of our clients, building cool cars, and enjoying our automotive life. Our team is our family, and we’re growing together. Some people may take a look at our new website, and say that we’ve changed, but they’re just throwing shade. Today, Bluewater is more Bluewater than ever.