Satisfaction Guaranteed

But no, you can’t get your money back. To you our clients, we make this promise: We hustle hard to guarantee your satisfaction. But what does this mean? And if I can’t get my money back, why do I care? Before we began rebuilding our website, we spent a lot of time studying what our clients had to say about us. Our clients don’t choose us because we have the nicest Denver auto shop (though we are proud of it). Our clients don’t choose us because we are the cheapest in town (though our prices are very reasonable!). And our clients don’t choose us because we promise to be the best. Our clients choose us because they know we will work hard for them. They know that they can trust us. And because they know that if something is not to their liking, we will bend over backwards to take care of them. We don’t need to give our clients their money back because we always make sure what we do is to their satisfaction. Our clients know this, because that is who we have proven to be. But come on, with no money back guarantee isn’t this just a slick marketing ploy? Honestly, this promise is cornier than Gabe would have liked. But this is not bullshit. This is for us, as much as it is for you. When we meet as a team, we talk about what we need to do as team. Our focus isn’t merely working on cars. Today our focus is knowing that we must do whatever we need to do to ensure that we aren’t just doing the work, but taking care of you as best we possibly can. This concept of hustling hard for our clients is not new. It’s not something we’re striving to be. This is who we are, who we have been, and who we will continue to be. This is us not losing sight of the reasons that make Bluewater Performance special. Corny? Maybe. Powerful and honest? You bet your ass. Let’s be honest. A money back satisfaction guarantee in our industry, that’s suicide. Have you ever been on a car forum?  Can you imagine how many unreasonable raging lunatics would be beating down our door every single day? We hustle hard to guarantee your satisfaction. This is our job. This is not only our promise to you, but also to each of our team members.