10% Off Timing Chain Service

One of the many Tax Season Sales we have running is the 10% off Timing Chain service. This commonly overlooked service is very important, especially if you have a 2.0T TSI Motor. The 2009-2012 2.0 TSI Motor has a faulty timing chain tensioner. If the timing chain tensioner fails, it can cause catisrophic damage to the engine. Timing chain tensioner inspections take about a half hour and we can detect if the tensioner has been replaced with the updated tensioner. Regualr service on the timing chain should be done from anywhere between 40k – 150k miles. Some of the symptoms to look out for when diagnosing if you need a timing chain service are:

  • Poor vehicle performance
  • Sluggish feeling
  • Low power
  • Trouble starting

If you suspect you need a timing chain service done, or just want to ensure continued optimal performance from your vehicle, give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule your appointment today!

Remember this deal is running until the end of May so don’t miss out!