Team Bluewater @ PPIR

This past weekend the Bluewater crew made their way out to Pikes Peak International Raceway for an always anticipated track day. The morning started out gloomy and somewhat rainy, but as the day progressed the clouds cleared up and the weather was just perfect for a day on the track. This race was the second scored race of the season and Team Bluewater is hoping to take home some trophies this year! Our lead driver, Jaryd Thomson, took first place with his GTI in the FA class with a time of 46.42 and 6th place with our Bluewater shop car (Audi S3) in the XX class with a time of 46.555. Our shop foreman, Ben Johnson, took 6th place in the RB class with his BMW 328i with a time of 47.035 and 7th place in the XX class with our shop S3 with a time of 46.67. Our digital media specialist, Mike Witzer, took home 8th in the AB class with his 2010 Audi A3 with a time of 50.7. One of our shop techs, Alex England, landed 4th place in Jaryd’s GTI with a time of 48.28 in the FA class and 9th place with the shop S3 in the XX class with a time of 47.67. And last but not least, another one of our shop techs, Mario Castro, took 21st place in the RB class with his Mazda Miata landing a time of 48.8. As with any day on the track, we all had a blast and it’s always fun being around such passionate and respectful racers out at Pikes Peak. We’re already itching to get back on the track for the June Time Attack event. Check out some of the highlight photos below!